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Yew Tree House


Glass Extension to a Listed Cottage

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Yew Tree House

Glass Extension to a Listed Cottage

A modern glass kitchen extension has been built onto this listed cottage in the countryside to create an open plan living space. By installing this glass extension, it has allowed the kitchen to be naturally lit throughout the day as well as adding a modern touch to the old brick cottage.

Minimal frame glass sliding door units were installed onto this extension to create an open plan kitchen and allowing seamless access into the garden. These glass doors have a 21mm frame to perfectly match the sightlines of the structural glass walls that make up the majority of this glass box extension design. These glass doors and frameless glass walls create an indoor-outdoor living space by merging the kitchen with the patio area, perfect and easy access for when you want to eat outside in the summer months.

An inward opening aluminium casement door provides easy access to the garden area. To merge the thicker framed door opening into the design of the minimal extension, and appease planning officials who required a sleek glass design, the glass within the door was stepped over the outside edge of the aluminium door to create a sleek, all glass external finish.

The structural glass of the glass extension was stepped over the roof structure above to create a continuous glass façade to the extension and a sleek, all glass finish. The glass was then back painted black to hide all structure and supports behind.

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