Modern Patio Doors on Modern London Extension

On this modern house extension in London, IQ Glass helped create a beautiful, elegant glass box extension using various architectural glazing products.

The conservative extension included our exclusive minimal windows sliding door system.

This modern patio door has a very slim aluminium frame of 21mm which allowed natural light to shine in through to the new kitchen and dining room without any obstruction.

An aluminium casement door arrangement was also included on the project to provide a modern patio door solution to the existing house.

The aluminium frames were powder coated to the same RAL colour as the minimal windows to ensure a cohesive design even though different framing systems were used.

The minimal windows installation also took advantage of our bespoke integrated drainage solution

This minimal drain is flat from inside and to the outside which facilitates a continuous floor finish both inside and out, allowing a merging of these spaces. 

A popular dark grey powder coated aluminium frame has been used for all patio door elements to provide a sophisticated and chic design on both internal and external.

A minimal windows patio door helps create an extension with a great view of the garden with sliding panes that slide easily releasing from the glass opening to the garden with easy access.

The new extension at Wynchgate replaces unused useless spaces with a larger family-friendly area for dining and living, brightening up the box with light.

The clients wish was to have this box full of light throughout the day giving it a warm and colourful feel. The Slim framed door and minimal glass were used to add the modern, appealing aesthetics of the lit box extension.