White House

Glass box extension to an 18th century London home

A modern glass box extension has been built onto this 18th century London home to create a light and airy living space. By adding a glass box extension, which features slim framed sliding glass doors and a structural glass roof, the history-rich property has received a modern touch which allows for floods of natural light.

This new bright and welcoming family space contrasts the dark and moody interior design scheme of the remaining ground floor. A biophilic interior design style was chosen to help bring the outside in.

Slim framed sliding glass doors were installed to enhance this indoor-outdoor space. The slim framed doors have minimal sightlines of just 21mm and a flush threshold, making them the ideal choice for merging indoor and outdoors spaces. 

The seamless transition from inside to the outdoors allows the homeowners to expand their internal living areas to the outdoors when the weather permits, and even with the doors closed ensures minimal disruption to the free-flowing natural light.


Architect: MW Architects

Photography: French+Tye Photography



The sharp look of the glass box extension contrasts with the white exterior and existing glazing of the old house, allowing the original property to work in conjugation with the modern 21st century extension.

IQ Glass’ frameless glazing which utilises advanced technology to reduce heat loss through glazing meant that the homeowners could ensure the highly glazed extension space remained at a comfortable living temperature all year round.

Frameless structural glazing elements and slim framed sliding doors were installed in the extension, chosen due to their sleek and clean finish which was preferred in the modern area of the house.

A structural glass roof was specified within the extension, sitting over the window seating area and providing a stream of natural light during daylight hours. Solar control coatings within the insulated glazing units combat overheating and help to control the internal temperature of the property while still allowing the sunlight to warm the space throughout the day.

Biophilic design elements are featured in the contemporary kitchen with large plants and green accents, merging this space with the outdoor area. The result is an indoor-outdoor kitchen area which is bright and airy, providing a release from the introverted dark design scheme of the historic building.

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