Water Cherry House

Luxury home in Japan featuring slim sliding glass doors and entire walls of glass.

This impressive new build home in Japan features the panoramah! ah!38 slim sliding door system and structural glass walls. The property is composed of one main two-storey building, connected to another single-storey building by a covered walkway.

Glass walls and doors account for a significant amount of this project, with only a couple of walls being made from traditional building materials. By incorporating this amount of glazing into the home, the rural outdoor environment can be seen from every room in the house, and the sliding door system does not obstruct these views due to the extremely slim 20mm sightlines.




When pushed open, the large glass panes of the slim sliding glass doors slide to reveal large openings were the indoors and outdoors merge to become one. This is also aided by the completely flush threshold of the panoramah! system and the internal wooden flooring which is continued onto the external wooden decking.

Perfectly combining traditional Japanese architecture styles with modern elements, architects Kengo Kuma & Associates created a striking home design with authentic wood structures and an abundance of oversized glazing.

Japan’s Shinto and Buddhist beliefs had a huge influence on traditional Japanese architecture. These beliefs had a strong focus on humans connection with nature, commonly known as biophilic design, and in projects such as this one that is shown through the use of oversized glazing and wooden building materials.

By utilising the panoramah! ah!38’s large sizes and minimal sightlines, the interior living spaces will always be flooded with natural light, reflecting off the light wooden interior to make the space feel bright and airy.

Other areas of this project where you can see the connections with the outdoors include the balcony which surrounds the upper floor of the property. From the upper floor the scenic Japanese countryside can be appreciated, not only on the balcony but through the sliding glass doors and walls.

Featuring a swimming pool and rock pond just outside the property, this magnificent home encompasses Japanese architecture styles and biophilic design, with a modern twist.