Villa Ypsilon

Slim Sliding Doors for Futuristic Home

This luxurious villa, set in the mountains of Greece, required specialist glazing installations to accompany the futuristic home. The pale exterior, designed by LASSA architects, contrasts the surrounding environment.

The triangular-shaped property follows a curved structure with three main building parts surrounding one main area. The infinity pool to the rear of the property is a curved shape, mirroring the curve of the building's concrete overhang. 





The slim sliding glass doors followed suit, designed to be innovative and push the boundaries of sliding door expectations. The large opening, in which the sliding doors are positioned, has both straight and curved edges.

Using the ah!38 systems from panoramah!® ensured flexibility, these slim sliding systems are designed to adapt and meet unique requirements. Using a 2 pane sliding configuration alongside 2 fixed panes, no visible frame can be seen around the edge of the installation, encompassing as much glass as possible to maximise the expansive views.

The building overhang enhances the futuristic aesthetic, extending over the sliding doors to create an area of shade and prevent solar glare from directly reaching the slim sliding doors.

Powder coated in white to match the premium interior design, the flush threshold invites the homeowners to venture directly between the kitchen/living space and the outdoor pool area.

Sliding doors with panoramic ocean views make this property truly unique, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor living.