A unique private villa in the Netherlands which benefited from the slim steel doors and fixed steel framed glazing.

The ultra-slim steel doors include a full thermal break which ensures that these doors and windows have high levels of insulation.

The slim steel frames offer a contemporary and elegant design. This private residential project achieved extremely high levels of detailing and quality thanks to their choice of steel for their frames.

house with thatched roof and steel doors
slim framed steel doorsslim framed steel windows

The rear of the property opens up onto the large garden via steel patio doors. The thermally broken steel has a sightline of only 50mm between the doors and fixed glazing beside it.

The full steel-framed glass wall to the back of the house included a mixture of steel doors, opening windows and fixed glazing. This creates an ultra-minimal rear elevation of glass with minimal steel frames.

The use of steel helped create an industrial design to the internal and exterior architectural design.

slim steel patio doorsslim steel patio doors from outside

The open plan living and dining area connect well to the garden thanks to the minimal framing.

All other glazings in the house were also created using slim steel profiles. This includes all windows both opening and fixed.

By creating the full glazing package from one glazing system the architects were able to create an extremely cohesive design. The industrial design of the steel-framed doors worked well with the other rustic finishes of the private house including timber and the thatched roof.

modern dining room with steel framed glass wall
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    MHB, Merijn Geurts Photography | ITOOK