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Tower Vaults


5m long Glass Box extension to Tower of London Cafe

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Tower Vaults

5m long Glass Box extension to Tower of London Cafe

IQ Glass designed and installed a glass box extension onto this listed building in London. The specification for this project was to create a completely transparent look, expanding the space of this coffee house using 5m long structural glass beams in low iron glass to remove any pigment.

A Solar Control finish was applied to all of the glazing to regulate the solar radiation levels and heat within the space. Due to the large amounts of glazing, applying a solar control finish reduces the heat intake in the summer months keeping the coffee shop cooler. Although the finish reduces the heat intake, it still allows the maximum amount of light into the building, lighting up the space throughout the day.

Frameless pivot doors were installed at each entrance of the glass extension. IQ Glass’ in house structural designers worked diligently to ensure that all supports and links that formed the glass extension to this listed building were sound, whilst creating a streamline finish. This streamline finish has been increased by the use of frameless glass throughout the installation, maximising the natural light as well as providing incredible London views.

Before this glass extension was installed the space was used as an outdoor seating area. By using large floor-to-ceiling glass panels IQ were able to continue this idea by giving the feeling that you are seated outside but with added shelter. Installing this glass box has expanded the space, especially in the winter months as there is more shelter from the wind and rain then there had been previously.

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