This contemporary home in Oakham, Rutland (in the East Midlands) benefitted from architectural sliding doors alongside various aspects of frameless structural glazing. The home was designed to slightly merge with the surrounding landscape; therefore, one element of the building was curved with a grass roof which helps to subtly blend the building with the natural environment.

large modern house in english country
large slim frames sliding doors with timber internal wallslarge frameless glass window in home office overlooking trees

The curved section of the building creates a beautiful, swooping courtyard that channels the sunlight down for a well-lit outdoor living space. The new build home in Oakham was designed with the main aim to provide the owners with exceptional views of the surrounding landscape. To achieve this, the architects wanted to include as much glazing on the project as possible.

frameless window detaillarge contemporary house with odd shape

Two balconies were installed to this new build home, one running the full width of the building on the 1st floor and one protruding from the side of the property on the top floor level. The balcony on the top floor of the home was designed with frameless structural glazing for the glass balustrades and a minimal windows® sliding door accessing the balcony from the living space.

minimal windows® sliding doors were also used on the other balcony which was designed as two separate two-track slim sliders. These sliding doors were designed to provide outstanding views of the landscape due to the minimal sightlines. The architectural sliding doors installed to this contemporary new build home have a flush threshold which further accentuates the connection to the outdoor living space.

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modern home in english countryside