The Hawthorns | Structural Glass Box Extension

Contemporary Glass Box

Glass box extensions are an excellent way to create additional living space while also helping to connect the garden and property together. The addition of large panes of structural glass offers the illusion that the new living space is larger than it is and therefore providing a relaxing space for contemplation.


This glass box was installed with both structural glass walls and a structural glass roof. This combination provides exceptional natural light ingress to the glass box and the existing building it connects to.

Glass box extensions offer the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space as the large panes of glass provide exceptional views of the garden landscaping and wildlife.

The steel framing and pressings installed to this design were Polyester Powder Coated in the same RAL colour as the minimal windows® sliding doors to create a beautifully cohesive design. Various areas of the glazing were also back painted to conceal the joins of the glazing to provide an immaculate finish.

The minimal windows® sliding doors accentuate the minimalistic framing of the glass box design as they have impressively thin sightlines that continue the indoor-outdoor living environment. This sliding door system boasts a flush threshold that enables a seamless transition between the home and patio.

The design of this property was throughout about in great detail to ensure that the overall design has elements that complement each other.

The white toned paving of the patio compliments the white rendered wall on the gable end of the property, while the glass box plays homage to the other aluminium glazing systems used throughout the home.

The frames of all the glazing systems were designed with the same RAL colour to create a strong connection across the property.