A new build contemporary house was created in the back garden of a traditional Victorian house near Battersea to accommodate the immediate needs of a merging family.

The new modern abode was dug into the rear garden to maintain a single storey appearance from ground level and includes five bedrooms to be used by the parents, new baby and small children.


contemporary house with slim sliding glass doors in london
slim sliding glass doors to modern kitchen areaopen corner sliding glass doors between modern living room and courtyard

To the lower ground floor where the living areas are congregated IQ’s minimal framed sliding doors open up onto the concrete courtyard, opening on the corner and across to faces with flush floor finishes all around. Another feature of the sliding doors was its design to slide into a crevice cut into the indoor-outdoor kitchen to maintain the flow of the space.

hidden house in london with opening corner sliding glass doorsstrip rooflight to modern house in london between room and bathroom

Further into the build clever uses of frameless structural glass installations such as rooflights and picture windows allow light to enter further windowless spaces.

slim sliding doors on a modern house shown and night