The Boathouse

Contemporary Lakehouse Uses Slim Frame Sliding Glass Doors

A contemporary new lake house was constructed within a tranquil lake in Hertfordshire using slim frame sliding glass doors from IQ on the focal elevations. The Boathouse has been constructed in an idyllic location with 360 degree views of greenery surrounding the property.

IQ’s slim framed sliding glass doors were used as the main focal point of the traditionally shaped building to create a full elevation of sliding glass to the ground floor living areas, giving uninterrupted views of the unspoilt surrounding. At the corner these minimal sliding doors were designed to slide away from that meeting and into pockets, opening the internal living areas to the surrounding lake and the decked external patio areas.


Featured In

Homebuilding and Renovating April 2016 – The Lakehouse


Architect- Merrett Houmoller 

Photographer- Alan William 



The mix of an opening corner and hidden pocket doors create a truly uninterrupted aperture, dispelling any barrier between the internal and external living spaces.

As with all our minimal sliding door installations the pairing of large glass panels with the extremely slim framing sightlines of 21mm creates an impressive façade of glass, bringing natural light into the open plan living spaces.


When privacy or shading is required bespoke timber shutters can be folded over the entire wall of minimally framed doors, creating a full external façade of burnt timber which is an extremely popular architectural material at the moment. 

The slatted nature of the bespoke shutters means that even when the shutters are closed the light still enters the living spaces and views are still captured, but offers the privacy desired.