South West London

A rooftop glass box extension

A contemporary glass box extension was installed within the balcony of a penthouse apartment in South West London. The homeowners were looking to increase the amount of living space they had by extending out onto the balcony. To give them a feeling that this space was still outdoors, the whole extension was built from structural glass, all supported by structural glass beams resulting in a beautifully minimalistic finish.

The glass beams used within this project are a popular choice when designing extensions like this one as the beams offer minimal interruption to the views of the surrounding cityscape. The elegant finish they posses creates a unique aesthetic to the property while providing the illusion that the new extension is larger as the views are continuous.

Solar control glass was used on this installation to help reduce the amount of radiant heat within the building. As this glass box extension is high up in the skyline, it will receive a high level of direct sunlight throughout the year, therefore the solar control glass was used to reduce the ‘greenhouse’ type heat that would end up heating not only the extension but also the existing living spaces.

The roof of the glass extension was coated in a low maintenance coating to the external face of the glazing. This alongside the gradient of the roof allows dirt and deposits to be easily washed away to help maintain the beautifully clear views through the glass.

The glass box extension was installed within the balcony of this upper floor apartment, however, the homeowners still wanted to retain an area of outdoor space. To achieve this, a single-track minimal windows® sliding door was installed to one side of the extension which was stored to the external face of the building when the door was open to maintain the minimalist effect. Not only does this create access onto the existing balcony, but the door opening allows a gorgeous breeze to flow throughout the extension and existing living spaces.