Slot House

panoramah! systems featured in Victorian house renovation.

Slot House is a large renovation project in North London that featured panoramah!® large sash windows and a double height glass pivot door in a Victorian terraced house.

The closet wing was extended in brick to match the existing; this enabled the upper floors to be remodeled with increased head height and improved visual connectivity with the main house.

A concrete basement floor extends out into the garden, paired with the large sash vertical sliding window this allows the outside to be merged with the inside by simply opening the window.

The use of contemporary minimalistic vertical sliding windows and a large pivoting glass door against the traditional brickwork of the building bridges together the old and the new to create a unique look.


© Jack Hobhouse


North London

The Victorian house was previously renovated in the 1980s, however, this renovation left the building with a fragmented floor plan and no natural flow between spaces.

Due to the tall slim build of the terraced house and lack of natural light, the house felt narrow and the space appeared cramped. By incorporating panoramah! systems it increases the perceived size of the internal environment.

With the large pivot door frame measuring just 23mm and window frames measuring only 20mm, the clean and minimalistic design opens up the floors, allowing for a modern family living space.

The renovation features a 5.5m tall panoramah! pivot door and a 6.3m high vertical sash window which can be opened to merge the internal and external environments.


Reshaping and extending the property allowed a modern touch to be brought whilst granting a nod to the traditional feel.

This architectural design unifies spaces and reaches its full potential in warmer months due to the allowance of masses of natural daylight into the building, and the option to merge the basement and garden.

Overall, the traditional brick style of the extension with the built-in contemporary door and windows complement each other and achieve elegance and simplicity.