Blending naturally into its rural island surroundings was a key aspect of the design of this new build Greek home. Clad in rusty-coloured terracotta, the subtle house resembles nothing more than a uniform extension of the exposed clay slopes of the tiny island.

While the external appearance of the house was designed to connect with the landscape, the use of minimal sliding glass doors on each side of the home allows this indoor-outdoor connection to be enjoyed by the homeowners as well. The panoramah! sliding door system was specified for its slim sightlines and exceptional performance ratings, ensuring comfort as well as the minimal aesthetic of the secluded island home.

Slim aluminium sliding doors with sea viewsFlush base track of sliding doors

To the rear of the villa, a single set of sliding glass doors connects a small yet scenic bedroom with a sunny tiled terrace. The outer frame of the doors has been hidden within the building’s finishes, creating an almost frameless appearance with the single 20mm sightline joining the two transparent panes of glass. Together with a small sliding rooflight in the ceiling, the sleek double-glazed units flood the room with light. 

To the front, a larger set of 3 sliding panes captures the views of the sea and neighbouring Greek islands, bathing the main living space in soft light. The stainless steel base track has been hidden within the floor to create a completely flush threshold, the smoothly operating sliding mechanisms made completely invisible.

Small tiled pathways around the external perimeter of the home link each of the sliding glass elevations with a large outdoor swimming pool to one side and the main track leading to the dock at the other.

Sliding glass doors with flush threshold to Greek homeSlim sliding doors to Greek tiled veranda

A marine grade powder coating was applied to each of the slim aluminium frames before installation, creating a thick layer of protection against the harsh salt environment that the island home must withstand. The large panes of glass were similarly prepared against the elements with a low maintenance coating, filling in the microscopic pits in the glazed surface to create a smooth outer layer that prevents the build-up of salt and chemicals from the atmosphere.

Another aspect key to adapting the project to its island environment was the increased wind load that the doors must be able to withstand over the years. Chosen with their exceptional performance levels in mind, the panoramah! sliding system has been tested to easily withstand winds of up to 206 km/h and air pressures of 2000 Pa, more than sufficient for the expected levels of the Greek archipelago.

Double sliding glass doors to bedroom of Greek island home