Sharon Road

Fully Glazed Wall Created With Sliding Glass Doors

A set of three pane slim framed sliding glass doors were installed onto this London home as part of a full home renovation. These glass sliding doors have created a full wall of floor-to-ceiling glass façades.

These help to maximise the amount of natural light into the home, letting the sunlight pass through into the living and kitchen area throughout the day.



Assegai Design & Build



With a slim frame of only 21mm, extra light is able to pass through into the home as well as maximising the family’s views of the garden with no obstruction by frames.

A freeway base track has been integrated into these glass sliding doors to create a completely flat finish between the indoors and outdoors. Using this base track has allowed for easy access between the living area and garden.


Integrating this base also provides safety to the children as they are not able to trip up a step if they are running between the living area and the garden. By having this easy access to the garden from the home, the clients are able to create the ideal outdoor living space. This space can then be used throughout the year, maximising the use of the garden.

IQ’s slim framed sliding glass doors are all weather and security tested, ensuring the client of the safety of these doors as well as the water tightness which is ideal for these doors as they have a flush base.