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Savile Row Phase 1


Mayfair Winter Garden and Office

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Savile Row Phase 1

Mayfair Winter Garden and Office

IQ Glass’ Major Projects division, IQ Projects, completed the full glazing package for one of London’s leading property development companies on Savile Row. The renovated commercial premises can be found within the exclusive Mayfair district in London and as such design, excellence and attention to detail were paramount throughout.

The architectural glazing works undertaken by IQ throughout the development on Savile Row were extremely varied. These specialist elements of glazing included super contemporary disappearing facades of minimal windows, classic steel art deco Mondrian Windows and Doors, bespoke architectural metalwork and luxury welded steel room partition screens. 

One main focal point and a stand out item in the glazing design package was the creation of an amazing glass and steel winter garden up on the roof which is used as a breakout area. The rooftop glass box was created with the use of a minimal steel structure which supported the structural glass roof and facades. These steel supporting elements were finished in a decorative powder coat and were designed with hidden locations for decorative and dramatic lighting effects. At either end of the winter garden, our Mondrian steel doors in powder coated galvanised steel were integrated into the structural glass installation to continue the industrial design and allow access to the rooftop terrace. 

Within the heart of the building on Savile Row, a bespoke designed staircase takes visitors and staff up from the reception area to the various floors and office spaces above. Littered throughout this centralised location further steel framed glazing was used as decorative partitions between communal staircases, walkways and meeting rooms. To ensure a cohesive design aesthetic these internal glazing elements were created using our Mondrian Internal system.

The use of a steel window and door package on the Savile Row created a nod to the original design of the building and hit the current trend square on with steel and glass in thin section work.