Salmon Avenue

A contemporary new build featuring a number of slim framed and frameless glazing systems.

This modern new build home in Australia followed a highly glazed design, utilising oversized glazing elements to create a home that is flooded with natural light throughout the day with clear views of the outside environment.

The floor to ceiling glass design allows the homeowners to enjoy the outdoor living space from within the home, with the option to create one large indoor-outdoor living space. The minimally framed glazing, including frameless structural glass walls, allows for an indoor-outdoor style of living to be achieved throughout the colder months when the sliding glass doors would be closed.


Thermeco Peter Bennetts



Structural glazing was used to engineer floor to ceiling glass walls, going across both storeys of the expansive home for a fully glazed façade design. The home features an outdoor swimming pool and these oversized glass walls allow the views of the pool top to be enjoyed from every room in the home.

As part of the bespoke glazing package slim framed sliding glass door systems were specified to create a uniform finish with the glass walls. Due to the extremely minimal framing of the sliding systems, there is little visual difference against the fixed structural glass.

The sliding glass doors open in a biparting configuration, creating a large structural opening with seamless travel between indoors and outdoors thanks to the flush threshold detail or the slim sliding door system. On the same elevation, glass to glass corner connections allows even more natural light to flood the internal living spaces.

Frameless glass balustrades offer a safety barrier surrounding the pool, without disrupting the fully glazed and minimal design. A minimal glass corridor links two areas of the home, whilst large concrete volumes have been used to offer privacy to the front of the home. The large concrete structures contrast the glazing systems, whilst maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic.