Rook Hill

Contemporary new build with sliding glass doors and gable end glazing.

This contemporary new build utilised a number of slim framed aluminium glazing systems when IQ Glass provided the full glazing package. The replacement dwelling features gable end glazing on the front and back elevations, creating stunning views from the street and the garden.

Slim aluminium frames were used to create a bespoke design in the gable end configurations, seen on both sides of the façade design. With each side varying slightly in design, the design has a degree of asymmetry that makes it completely unique. Large elevations of exceptionally slim framed windows have been used to create an almost frameless effect, whilst flooding the home with natural light.



LMA Architects 


Dorset, England

Opening rooflight systems were specified for the pitched roof on the front elevation, introducing tonnes of natural light into the double height space. The ARES rooflight was specified to add ventilation into the highly glazed home, without compromising on minimal design and modern performance values. Inside, a number of internal glazing systems were used, creating a highly glazed effect throughout the interior design.

Frameless glass balustrades act as a safety barrier on the mezzanine floor, allowing light and views to pass through them and maintaining the most minimal design. An internal sliding glass door has been specified in a pocket door configuration between two of the rooms downstairs, allowing the homeowners to implement a broken plan layout and offering flexible solutions for creating dedicated zones within the home.


A slim framed internal glass casement door has been used to grant access to the luxurious wine cellar, maintaining a premium feel throughout and allowing the expansive wine cellar to be seen even when the door is closed. Multiple sets of slim sliding doors lead to the terrace and garden space, with the ability to create one large indoor-outdoor living area when the doors are opened. Three sets of sliding glass doors link to the terrace, creating an atrium style courtyard design.

Upstairs, sliding glass doors from the MIRO range have been used internally, to create wardrobe and bathroom doors in the bedrooms. The glass has been specified with a slight tint, creating a mirrored bronze effect that offers privacy between the rooms. The MIRO range of internal glazed doors is characterised by the slim aluminium profiles and structurally bonded glass, achieving super slim sightlines that allow the glass to be the primary feature whilst adding a touch of luxury to interior designs.



Gable end glazing is present in two of the bedrooms, with sliding glass doors as part of the design to grant balcony access. the bedrooms are flooded with natural light, thanks to the oversized gable end glazing, with the ability to enjoy the outside environment from within. The glazing bar design creates a unique finish, enhancing the surrounding interior design.

The specialised glazing package provided to this modern home created a consistent flow throughout both floors, thanks to the internal glazing as well as external glazing systems. The internal living spaces are light filled and bright, with the ability to completely merge spaces for an indoor-outdoor style of living.