A traditional red brick home benefitted from a contemporary extension, introducing an abundance of natural light and dramatically expanding the useable space.

The metal-clad extension is created in a grey colour, matching the existing casement windows for a coherent finish. Using minimal steel frames across the entire rear elevation means glass can be the main material used, this ensures the traditional design and structure of the home can be merged with modern elements.

Modern living area with minimal steel patio doorsMinimal steel doors home renovation

The glazed elevation is made up of both fixed panes and opening elements, with two sets of opening doors merging invisibly with the appearance of fixed glass. When closed, the difference between fixed panes and glass cannot be seen, presenting a perfectly symmetrical exterior.

The thermally broken steel system ensures the living space is suitable for year-round use, boasting excellent thermal performances in any climate. The client opted for applied glazing bars to further enhance the industrial style of the extension.

The method of applied glazing bars means that the steel bars were placed over the glass for aesthetic reasons, rather than splitting the glass and disrupting the thermal performances within the installation. 

Steel door handle detailingMinimal steel glazed wall with applied glazing bar

The addition of the extension allowed the kitchen and dining room to become one large, open-plan space. The slim framed steel allows for uninterrupted light to enhance the brightly lit living space, enhances further through internal glazing. When open, the slim framed steel offers ventilation and garden access.

Forging a strong connection between the garden and kitchen was imperative for this property, which features an outdoor dining area. When garden access is required, the open doors can be pushed back to sit flat against the fixed windows.

Modern home extension with minimal steel framed glazing