Richmond Park

Contemporary Extension with Floating Roof

IQ Glass recently completed a contemporary extension project with a floating roof near Richmond Park using a mixture of our minimally framed sliding glass doors and structural glass.

The modern extension design included a cantilevered roof design with our sliding glass doors opening away from a frameless corner beneath, creating the appearance of a floating corner roof design.



2PM Architects 


Kingston upon Thames

Aluminium pressings were used to cover and conceal the cantilever steel structure within the roof, maintaining a contemporary external design to the floating corner.

These slim framed sliding glass doors from IQ Glass were also used as modern patio doors to the other side of the new extension. Their slim, 21mm frames worked well on the smaller opening, maximising the amount of glass on the elevation and increasing light into the living space.

Within the new extension, new living spaces were created including a dining area, bespoke kitchen and a children’s play space. Each of the new open plan spaces was carefully filled with natural light through the positioning of 2 super-sized frameless glass roof lights within the flat roof.

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