Preston Parade

Curved Balustrade to Modern Seaside Home

IQ Glass have installed a curved glass balustrade onto this modern home by the sea. The balustrade is placed above the front door and attached to the bedroom allowing perfect sea views each day.

The curved glass balustrade provides openness to the balcony area and gives a natural organic shape to the space. Toughened laminated curved glass has been used to create an impact resistant balustrade.


Using these toughened panels that are laminated together, a safer balcony area has been created for the homeowners to be able to sit and view the seaside in front of them.

Having a curved glass balustrade still allows light to flow into the bedroom each day. Using frameless glass has also allowed no obstruction of view that could have been made with frames.

This also provides the house with a modern, sleek finish.


curved aluminium pressing had been designed and used on this balustrade to conceal any construction elements that would ruin the aesthetic as well as giving the seaside house a neater finish. This pressing, in particular, has been powder coated to match the grey colour of the rest of the house. This creates the perfect minimal look to the seaside house.