This large barn in Taunton has been converted to a spectacular interior space, with the introduction of IQ’s large glass sliding doors. Minimal windows make a huge difference for the cold winter months as they retain heat, keeping the barn nice and cosy.

The five-panel system spans over 10m in length and all five panes slide away into pockets on either side of the opening.


Traditional brown timber is used as Shutters, which slide across the front of this large glazed opening when the space is not in use, keeping the construction secure and private if required.

The client's request was to have easy access to outdoor and maximise space between external and internal area. IQ Glass have succeeded with this design, as the sliders open throughout the five-panel giving the indoor-outdoor living experience. It maximises natural light coming through with the large glass brightening up the room with colour instantly.


The minimal windows slim framed sliding glass door enables the room to lighten up from the natural light which passes through the glass allowing the light to reflect off the interiors. 

The combination of the indoor barn and outdoor space is faultless, as this allows the visitors to enjoy the bigger space this can create.


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