Old Quay

Capturing natural beauty with large sliding doors

This new build property was situated within an area of Outstanding Natural beauty and had minimal windows® 4+ sliding doors installed to offer seamless views across the landscape from the property.

The owners of this new build home wanted to maximise the view across the river that their home was situated adjacent to.


The build was initially planned to be a renovation of an existing property but after investigation, the site was discovered to have a high flood risk and the desired property design wouldn’t be feasible.

Therefore, a new build property was designed to replace the existing one and measures were put in place to ensure this property didn’t have the same flood risk levels.

The property is located on an area of natural beauty in Devon. To make the most of the stunning views across the landscape vast expanses of glass were installed to the front and side elevations of the property. 

minimal windows® 4+ corner-opening sliding doors were installed to offer unparalleled views across two sides of the property. The sliding door system offers luxurious access to the cantilevered balcony off the master bedroom. 

The multi-layered property sits low within the hillside to create minimal impact on the surrounding views. The large elevations of glass both offer internal occupants fantastic views out over the River Yealm but also brings light in through the river facing elevations. 

Large sliding glass doors allow these glass walls to be opening and sliding whilst maintaining a very minimal sightline, in keeping with the architectural brief. 

Structural glass was also used throughout this property to offer additional picturesque views in areas that benefitted from a boost of extra light and to accentuate the indoor-outdoor feel that the minimal windows® create.

The use of structural glass allows for a frameless window to be created to provide seamless views to the outdoors and thus connecting the owner of the property further with the outdoor environment. 

Triple glazing was used throughout this property in order to create a building envelope with enhanced thermal insulation.

All aluminium casement windows and doors, the structural glazing and the glass within the minimal windows® 4+ was all triple glazed. Even with this increase in glass thickness and depth the overall glass design was kept minimal and contemporary.