The project requirements for this new build in Cornwall were to create a holiday home that reflected its prime location. The client also wanted to have an open plan space that was easily adaptable to form the heart of the house.

The rear of the property contains a sunken private courtyard that is connected to the kitchen and living space.

IQ Glass installed minimal windows sliding glass doors throughout the property as well as a minimal windows pivot door and fixed glazing.

The slim framed sliding glass doors installed onto the rear of the property have a bi-parting configuration with three panes on either side, providing a wide space for access.

Our minimal pivot window was installed for use as a pivot door onto the kitchen area, adjacent to a set of three pane sliding glass doors to provide additional access to the external patio area.

This gives the homeowners access to the external dining area without having to open up their sliding glass doors. The pivot door follows the slim 21mm sightline of the sliding glass doors, creating a uniform design.

moonstone minimal windows gable end windowMoonstone-Fixed-Structural-Glass-Coastal-Project

In the same area of the home, a double-height structural glass elevation was installed for maximum light ingress into the stairwell.

By using frameless effect structural glazing, the homeowners will have incredible natural light ingress and stunning views of their surroundings from both levels of the home.

Sliding glass doors and fixed structural glazing was used on the sheltered balcony leading from the master bedroom.

The ultra slim framed sliding glass doors installed onto this space are bi-parting to provide the maximum amount of space between the areas.

By integrating these into the sheltered balcony, the homeowners are able to keep them open even when it is raining.

Fixed structural glazing is used above the sliding glass doors to further enhance the natural light intake into the living space which could have been reduced due to the roof.

Fixed structural glazing was also used elsewhere in the home including the bathroom and internally by the stairwell, leading to the basement.


The structural glazing used in the bathroom provides incredible lighting and stunning views of the external beach and sea.

Even when the blinds are closed for privacy, the structural glazing above and the roof light provide the lighting required.

IQ also installed fixed structural glazing alongside the staircase to allow the natural light passing through the double-height elevation, to reach the basement where there is a lack of windows, and to keep the staircase well-lit throughout the day.

Structural glazing was also used in the guest bedroom to provide natural light and stunning views of the surrounding areas.

A set of small slim framed two pane sliding glass doors were also integrated into this room to provide access to the upper-level patio area where the guests can further enjoy the stunning views of the Cornish Coast or keep the space ventilated in the summer.


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grey framed pivot door