Sat on an island in a contemporary water feature, the garden hideaway is fully wired for all modern needs. This modern slim frame sliding glass door has a very slim aluminium frame of 21mm, allowing natural light to come through the garden room, while surrounded by nature.

The glass box is intended for use all year round as an extra room, from garden office to Gym. This is a peaceful, stress-free area surrounded by stunning greenery and modern water feature fulfilling your needs, and appreciating the beauty of the outside.


Minimalistic Garden Room in an unexpected garden space in Chelsea.
melbury road glass garden room

The clients made it as a living room, with a fireplace in the middle to create a comfortable and homely feeling. They decided on a remote locking system, allowing them to lock and unlock the entry sliding door at the push of a button securing the box room and easily accessible from the outside.


melbury road frameles glass garden roommelbury road garden room

The glass box uses and replaces unused space into brightening up the room, with light and colour fulfilling the box with content taking the viewers breathe away with this beautiful bespoke design, by IQ Glass.

IQ Glass designed and built a Contemporary Garden Room in this unexpected Garden space in the heart of Chelsea. IQ Glass have helped tailor the design of the glass box. To add the final touches a modern rooflight was included to maximise light to the room to get the sophisticated and chic look.

melbury road glazed garden room.