Meadow View

Contemporary Extension to Traditional Brick Home

This substantial 1950s detached house in Totteridge underwent a remodel including a contemporary extension. The client wanted more contemporary family friendly internal spaces and so a large open plan family living space was created, opening out on to the rear terrace, with a similarly glazed smaller addition of this at the first-floor level.

IQ Glass installed all glazing needed for the contemporary extension and remodel including slim framed glass sliding doors. With a slim sightline of only 21mm, these sliding doors maximise the natural light intake into the home, providing light filled open plan living spaces. Incorporating these doors onto the new contemporary spaces provides the family with perfect views of their garden and outdoor living areas on the terrace.

Frameless glass balustrades have been installed onto the terrace to provide a safety barrier whilst still allowing the natural light to pass through. Low iron glass is used to create these frameless glass balustrades, providing the perfect amount of transparency to improve the family’s outdoor views.



F3 Architecture and Interiors



Large frameless windows, also known as picture windows, have been installed on the first floor of the home to provide the same amount of natural light into the rooms where glass sliding doors haven’t been installed. The frameless nature of these windows matches the minimal framing on the sliding doors, providing a continuous contemporary look throughout the home.

Vitra Pivot has been installed onto the first floor of the home as an access route to and from the pool area. The thin framing of only 21mm matches the slim framed sliding glass doors and still allows a great amount of natural light to pass through with no obstruction to views.


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