This incredible villa in the heart of Marbella, Spain featured floor-to-ceiling glass façade designs on two of the four elevations. The two-story villa uses pale concrete and slim aluminium-framed glazing to create a stunning fully glazed design, with a glass-edged swimming pool in the private garden.

The glass walls feature minimal windows sliding door systems, creating an oversized glazing look with a high glass to frame ratio. The aluminium frames have been powder coated in a dark grey, to contrast the clear nature of the glass and draw attention to the oversized design. With sliding glass doors forming the walls of many rooms within the villa, the occupants can access the large outdoor area from almost anywhere in the villa and have the option to enhance the ventilation on warmer days.



fully glazed villa in Marbella, Spain, with glass swimming pool and minimal windows slim sliding doors
contemporary interior design of a luxury villa in Spain with oversized glazingopen plan kitchen dining area with sliding glass doors as walls

Once outside, there is a frameless glass edge to the private pool. This adds to the fully glazed aesthetic of the property, bringing a contemporary edge to the outdoor living space and granting clear views of swimmers when the pool is in use.

When the doors are slid open, one large indoor outdoor area can be enjoyed for a true sense of indoor-outdoor living. The minimal windows slim framed sliding door systems are complete with a flush threshold detail and a concealed locking handle for the most minimal finish. The flush threshold means seamless travel between indoor and outdoor environments is always achieved.

street view of private villa, with highly glazed façade on first floorframeless glass balustrades on staircase with frameless rooflight above

Inside the home, frameless structural glass can be seen in the form of glass balustrades on staircases and rooflights. The large frameless rooflights allow the natural light gained from the sliding doors to flow even further through the home, ensuring every corner is flooded with natural light throughout the day. The glass balustrades act as a safety barrier on the staircase, without disrupting the light transmission and whilst maintaining the fully glazed theme.

Another benefit of the slim framed sliding doors in this property is the clear sky views that can be seen at night, as well as the sunset views that can be enjoyed from inside the home. The glass doors are fully thermally broken to ensure the villa remains a comfortable living temperature no matter the weather, meaning the expansive property can be enjoyed throughout the winter months too.

The highly glazed luxurious property, situated a short walk from the beach, is well thought out and incredibly spacious throughout the interior and exterior design. Thanks to the premium sliding door systems, the villa can be enjoyed all year round.

luxury villa in Marbella, Spain, with minimal windows large sliding glass doors