This home, based in the Midlands, underwent a vast renovation project to include a contemporary glass box extension, expanding their useable space and flooding the open plan kitchen area with natural light throughout the day.  

The main house follows a traditional design and for this reason, the new extension was designed with a more traditional approach, using steel supports within the structural glass roof to achieve this. A new wall was constructed on one side of the glass extension, with large aluminium framed casement windows to ensure every corner of the home benefits from paths of natural light. 

structural glass roof with steel supporting beams
biparting sliding door configurationglass box extension with triple glazed sliding door

The glass box extension leads directly to the terraced garden, accessible by large sliding door systems. minimal windows® sliding glass doors were specified for the glass extension, pairing minimal design with modern performance values. The steel sections in the overhead glazing have been designed in uniform with the aluminium frames of the window and door systems. 

The sliding glass doors have been engineered in a bi-parting configuration, with a fixed pane on either side of the doors allowing the sliding panes to slide effortlessly to reveal a large opening within the glass box. The aluminium profiles of the sliding systems have been powder coated in a dark almost black colour, to match the steel supports in the roof glazing and create a uniform approach.  

indoor outdoor living spacesliding glass doors with flush threshold detail

The same flooring has been chosen for inside and outside the glass box extension, allowing for seamless access and an indoor-outdoor style of living. The continuity of the flooring, paired with the flush threshold of the sliding door tracks, makes the transition from indoors to outdoors effortless and allows the homeowners to create one large indoor-outdoor living space when the weather permits.  

The new extension allows the homeowners to enjoy a biophilic design from the new living and dining space, with the use of live plants and natural wood textures. The extension has transformed the way the internal living spaces are used, allowing the open-plan layout to stretch through the home, offering flexible living solutions.  

internal view of glass roof with steel supports