Madeley Court

Bespoke glazing package to modern house in Cambridgeshire

A complete bespoke glazing package to replacement dwelling with varying shaped gable end windows to the tall, pitched roofs with oversized structural glass elements and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors to enhance the sense of space in this modern house in Cambridgeshire.  

Set in quiet surroundings, a new detached two-storey modern house in Cambridgeshire Hemingford Grey, replaces a poorly insulated and configured 1970’s detached two storey houseThe new replacement dwelling, by Tony Holt Design is a light-filled spacious modern house in Cambridgeshire gable end windows aligning with the pitched roof in varying shapes adding character and a playful element to the contemporary design

Aside from maximising light, the key brief was to provide seamless connections to the mature rear garden for a dog loving family. Large sliding glass doors to the rear elevation opens the entire kitchen living space blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside. A single entrance door with fixed glazing either side marries perfectly with the grand oversized window to the first floor measuring the same wide width lighting up the landing with internal glass balustrades adding drama to this striking design.  

The front elevation is installed with gable end windows in varying shapes aligning with the tall, pitched roofs which makes a defining element of this architectural design.  Casement windows within the gable ends comprise of a combination of both fixed and opening panels ensuring that fresh air can enter every room of the home.  

The glass entrance façade in this modern house in Cambridgeshire features a single entrance door to the right side with fixed glass to the left equal to the 3m wide oversized glass window to the first floor.  

The rear elevation boasts large sliding glass doors with an impressive opening aperture of just over 11m wide offering uninterrupted views out to the mature verdant garden. 

The large sliding door panels each span 2.7m wide. One fixed panel with a three sliding glass door configuration practically creating an entire glass façade.  

The gable end windows to the rear elevation are slightly larger than the front of the building maximising the views and natural light. 

The oversized windows, large sliding glass doors and gable end windows to this modern house in Cambridgeshire has solar control glass.  Despite this, for added comfort, two retractable awnings were installed to the rear elevation providing additional shade and protection for this dog loving family. 

Flush threshold detail to the base track of the large sliding doors creates seamless transition to the patio with continued large porcelain tiles following out from the kitchen to the patio space.   

The result is an elegant and asymmetrical contemporary design flooded with light from all aspects of the home.  Finishing details such as the continued flooring from inside to outside, frame finish RAL matt 7016 anthracite grey to the gable end windows, oversized windows, plus the large sliding glass doors anchor a cohesive striking design. 

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