Lynton Road

Modern Patio Doors to Rear Renovation

IQ Glass installed a full rear elevation of glass as part of a side infill extension and rear renovation project in North London. The design included creating an open plan kitchen and dining area to the rear of the end of terrace house.

To allow lots more light to enter the space the rear elevation was opened up with a full glass façade made up of sliding doors and structural glass.




Muirhead & Co




The ultra slim framed sliding glass door slides over a fixed panel of structural glass to create a large glass wall. The slim frames and flush threshold of the sliding door allow maximum light to enter the new kitchen and dining space and create a new large opening access to the garden. These types of sliding doors are great where a modern patio door is required for a contemporary design.

Frameless structural glass makes up the rest of the glass construction with frameless glass panels creating a fully glazed corner with no framing.

The structural glass panels are stepped over each other on the corner for a frameless, flush external finish. The supporting steel for the building was placed slightly inside the glass construction to allow for a frameless external appearance.

On this project an extra side panel was added to the external element of the sliding doors to allow for external key locking, making the modern patio doors lockable and unlockable form the garden for rear access to the home.