Lowndes Square

A structural glass bridge links living spaces and gardenrearrear

IQ Glass designed and installed this frameless, structural glass bridge to a luxury home in Belgravia. The glass bridge spans over a below courtyard allowing light into the rooms below whilst gaining access to the small rear garden. The basement space is used as an external courtyard for the bedroom spaces below.

Supported by frameless glass beams this glass bridge is an excellent example of the effective use of structural glass. Up each side of the glass, bridge assembly is a glass balustrade to act as support and a safety barrier to the external bedroom courtyard below. These glass balustrades were finished with a translucent or cloudy surface finish which allows light travel through the glass panels in a soft diffused light flow but doesn’t allow vision


The surface of the glass bridge itself is finished with a ceramic frit anti-slip pattern to allow maximum vision through this walk on glass unit whilst creating a safe, anti-slip surface. These types of ceramic frit patterns can be designed in almost any pattern required. Here the pattern used was a simple dot matrix which allows the minimum incursion into the vision through the glass bridge.


Minimal steel channels connect the structural glass assembly to the building. The glass balustrades are actually part of the below glass beams with one panel of glass continuing up the side of the bridge to form the safety glass balustrade.