IQ worked with Dale Loth Architects on this North London single-storey rear extension.

The family wanted to transform the home to host an open plan, liveable space and be better connected to their garden space. The systems installed had to have a high thermal performance if it was going to be used at leisure by the homeowners.


Modern extension with structural glass roof and full width wide bifolding patio doors

The contemporary home incorporates bifolding doors along the access elevation, providing a completely open façade to the kitchen and dining area when doors are folded.

The increase in natural light opens up the space to feel brighter and bigger for an overall welcoming atmosphere. The contrast achieved by combining metal aluminium systems with Victorian style brickwork highlights the updated areas of the house, tying the old and new elements seamlessly together.

Structural glass roof on single storey family home rear extensionContemporary family home extension with structural glass roof and bifold patio doors

When closed the bifolding doors leave minimal profile intrusion into the view, both internally and externally, creating an indoor-outdoor style of living. The aluminium bifolding system is designed to the highest standards to give ease and smoothness of use throughout its lifetime.

Above, the entire roof of this rear extension is designed in structural glazing to allow a massive amount of natural light into this rear sheltered area, and is supported by interlocking glass beams.

The glass beams were specified with a low iron coating in order to provide an ultra-clear finish to the exposed edges. Glass usually has a green tint, almost invisible from a front angle but visible down any exposed or frameless sides, as a result of containing iron oxide as an impurity.

Contemporary rear extension on family home with wide bifolding doors