Lakes By Yoo

Architectural Glazing at The Barnhouse

IQ Glass designed and installed all architectural glazing elements to this home in the Lakes by Yoo luxury Cotswolds development to create minimal glazing solutions including an impressive double height glass elevation within the gable. The interior of this home was designed by Kate Moss.

The frameless façade of glass within the gable end ensures the home is filled with generous amounts of natural light filling the open plan living spaces. The large glass façades also provides the occupants with incredible views of the surrounding areas and lakes.

The double height glass façade was constructed from both structural glass with slim framed sliding glass doors to the base allowing easy access to the lakes outside.

Within the impressive double height living space, tall slit windows were used on either side of the room to bring in natural light throughout the day, coupled with modest structural glass rooflights within the pitched roof.  

A second ground floor living space, known as the snug, is walled with our slim framed sliding glass doors that slide away from the corner opening the comfy living space out onto the outdoor pool area. Even when the doors are closed the minimal framing and frameless base appearance make you feel as if you can reach out and touch the outdoors from the safety of the comfy sofa.

Each bedroom space was designed with the view in mind. Frameless structural glass windows were installed in most bedrooms to create picture windows.

Large aluminium framed windows were also used to create a ‘picture’ of the scenery outside of the home whilst allowing ventilation. These bespoke aluminium windows enhance the contemporary aesthetic of the brick home due to the minimal framing.

The larger bedrooms benefitted from slim framed sliding doors used to provide access to the balconies on the second floor of the home or to the surrounding areas on the lower floor.

With a minimal frame of only 21mm, these doors perfectly complement the other architectural glazing installations designed by IQ.

The most impressive bedroom in the luxury home is the bedroom that overlooks the large living room space.


Glass balustrades were installed onto the balconies outside of the bedrooms to ensure safety so the homeowners can use the balcony space at any point of the day.

Using frameless glass balustrades lets the natural light pass through both the balustrades and sliding glass doors into the home.

These structural glass balustrades have also been integrated into the terrace for safety reasons as well as a way of allowing natural light to pass through into the home.

The interior design of this home was designed by world-renowned supermodel, Kate Moss. The electric design of this luxury home can be created with furniture from IQ Furniture. Visit their website for more information or give us a call.


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