Killieser Avenue

Killieser Avenue Open Corner Extension With Glass Roof

IQ Glass designed and installed the impressive residential glazing on this new living extension in a South West London home, designed to provide the homeowners with incredible lighting and easy access to their garden.

The impressive floor to ceiling slim framed glass sliding doors was designed to be opened on all corners of the extension for dynamic movement through the open-plan space.

Creating an open corner with sliding glass doors maximises both the natural light intake as well as maximising the living spaces both inside and out as the homeowners are able to merge the two together.

This merger creates the ideal indoor-outdoor living experience, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their external living spaces throughout the year with ease of access between the two.

Above these glass sliding doors is a frameless glass rooflight that allows vertical light to enter the home throughout the day. This frameless rooflight is supported with low iron glass beams for the clearest opening.

Using low iron glass beams instead of metal supports reduces any obstruction to light or sky views. The natural light intake and sky views are enhanced by the frameless glass used, preventing any obstruction with framing.

Incorporating a frameless rooflight into the ceiling above the dining room area provides the perfect amount of natural light throughout the day and allows the homeowners to enjoy the views above during meal times.