Kensington Gate

Double Storey Glass Extension in Kensington

Kensington Gate is a listed building in a conservation area and sensitivity was required when extending. In order to create a glass extension with as little disruption to the existing building as possible our minimal windows Sliding Doors were used on both floors, as well as a structural glass roof.

Introducing natural light into London townhouses, especially lower floors can be a difficult task. Luckily through the use of slim framed and frameless glazing, this can easily be achieved when working with IQ.

This double-storey glass extension in central London utilises the best architectural glass technology to achieve a minimal and modern glass façade.

On the ground floor, the sliding glass door was specified in a biparting configuration, opening at the centre leaving a flush threshold across the sliding base track which allows for a seamless transition between the internal living space and the garden.

A frameless glass balustrade was installed across the opening of the sliding doors on the upper floor, allowing the doors to be open for maximum ventilation and light whilst protecting the home occupants.

To the upper floor, as the minimal windows open, a frameless glass balustrade protects the fall whilst not changing the appearance of the door opening. The result is an identical set of sliding doors to the upper floor bedroom terrace.

A structural glass roof with steel supporting sections connects to the slim framed sliding doors, enclosing the upper storey space and ensuring high levels of thermal insulation. Back painted glass covers the building structure between both floors for a sleek, all glass façade to the glass extension.

For more information on glazing for listed buildings or projects in conservation areas, contact the IQ team today.