After the original farmhouse building burnt down in a sudden and accidental fire, these homeowners decided to start from scratch with a unique, contemporary new build home in rural Holland. The design took the shape of a tube-like arrangement of three linear wings that centre around a double-height dining room at the heart of the house. Throughout the unique design, four main steel glazed windows draw on the surrounding countryside views surrounding each side of the house.

With part of the design brief highlighting the importance of a highly thermally efficient home, the specification of MHB’s specialised steel glazing with thermally broken frames was a key aspect of the project. The high performance of these frames is a vital element in ensuring that the homeowners will rarely need to reach for the heating during the winter months while keeping the space comfortable during the summertime.

Slim framed aluminium sliding glass doors to contemporary new build countryside homeSlim sliding glass doors and steel framed casement glass door to open plan home

The resulting central living space is bright and airy, thanks to the minimal open plan design and extensive use of slim glazed systems across all four walls of the house. To the two longer lengths of the room, symmetrical slim framed aluminium sliding doors create an expansive glazed façade. This glass tunnel-like design of mirroring sliding doors provides a seamless indoor-outdoor living transition while gifting the homeowners with long-reaching views of the surrounding countryside to one side, and of a secluded garden to the other.

The sliding doors framing this garden space connect to the second set of sliding glass that can be pulled away to create a fully open corner onto the patio outside. The upper floor of the central wing forms an overhang over the patio space, preventing any rain from being dripping down the glass and entering the building in the event of the doors being left open during wet weather.

Slim steel glazed casement patio doors and frameless structural glass window aboveSlim sliding doors opening onto minimal garden

Open plan stairs set against the rear wall of the central living space create an internal divide between slim framed steel casement doors set into the space below, and a large frameless picture window framing the landing above. When viewed externally, the two sections of glass are seamlessly integrated together via a single slim steel frame, creating an impressive double-height glazed façade.

No steel glazing bars were applied to the doors and windows in this ambitious new build project, in order to maximise the uninterrupted light and views that connect the new home with the original landscape. To this end, dark timber cladding covers the entirety of the outer skin not occupied by glazing, as a way to further integrate and assimilate the home within its natural environment.

Open plan living space with long sliding glass doors to each side overlooking countryside