A structural glass floor to a basement extension

This basement extension to a modern property saw the installation of a large structural glass floor which spanned across the full ceiling of the new extension.

This glass installation allows light to flood into the property through the ceiling where typical window glazing in the walls is otherwise not possible.


Products Used


Harris Calnan



Due to the large opening in the ceiling, the glass could not be installed as one large piece, instead, a series of smaller glass sections were installed with the support of steel beams to ensure the security of the glazing.

IQ Glass designed and installed the structural glass floor on this project. The glass used was finished with a sandblasted surface to offer privacy to the living space below, therefore as people walk across the glass floor they will not be able to see into the basement rooms below.

Some may think that this style of glass finish will prevent light from penetrating through, but this isn’t the case as ample light is still able to pass through the glass to brighten up the living space.

sandblasted surface to glass also creates slip resistance for glass floors for protection during wet weather.

To allow the light to flow through from the basement extension into the existing property, large sliding glass doors were installed to two areas.

A gym and study area fill the new space which is both accessed through the modern sliding doors. The combination of these glazing systems gives the basement a light and spacious feel.