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High Acres Barnet


Double Height Glass Elevation to a Modern Villa

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High Acres Barnet

Double Height Glass Elevation to a Modern Villa

IQ Glass designed and installed multiple architectural glazing products for this contemporary new build in Barnet. Prior to this generously scaled modern villa being built, the land was home to a post-war house.

A double-height glass elevation was integrated into the design of this new build to provide immense amounts of natural light into the stairwell of the property. This double height glass elevation is made up of structural glass panels to create the ideal frameless glass façade. This frameless structural glass provides the family with incredible views of the surrounding areas.

Slim framed sliding glass doors were installed onto the basement of the home to provide easy access to the office and garden as well as the indoor swimming pool area. The 21mm framing allows the home to be naturally lit throughout the day with ease of access to the internal and external living spaces. The slim framing combined with large glazing panels provides great views of the garden and other outdoor living spaces from both the office and indoor swimming pool.

Installing slim framed sliding glass doors onto the indoor swimming pool allows this area to be opened out in the summer, providing easy access to the indoors and outdoors for the family. These glass sliding doors create a barrier between the spaces, which is necessary during the winter when the family want to relax in the pool without it getting cold.

Glass sliding doors were also installed onto the rear of the ground floor to allow access to the patio area from the internal living spaces. These sliding doors create the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience with a flush finish to provide easier access to an integrated drainage system to prevent any water damage and flooding to the home.

Structural glazing was used in the small seating area to create a floor-to-ceiling glazed wall and glass roof. The frameless structural glass used creates a completely glazed corner to the roof of the building. This glazing allows natural light to pass through into the hallway, keeping it naturally lit throughout the day.

The installation of all glazing elements within this home was to ensure that the home would be full of light throughout the day, giving it a light and airy feel. The slim framed doors and other frameless structural glazing used adds to the overall contemporary aesthetic of the new build.