This Grade II listed house in St Johns Wood underwent a complete refurbishment which included the addition of 8500 sq ft of living space in the basement. The extensive basement renovation spanned the full length of the back garden and included a swimming pool, luxury gym space and a home media room.

IQ were involved in the project to bring as much natural light into the basement space as possible. This was achieved through careful placement of multiple structural glass rooflights and walk on structural glass floor lights. These were placed throughout the rear garden around the edges of the lawn and sunk into the grass for a seamless finish.

The structural glass floors that were placed over the swimming pool area also included a layer of heated glass within the glass makeup. This layer of heated glass created a warm surface on the internal face of the rooflight. Condensation cannot always then form on these warm glass surfaces and the rooflights over the swimming pool remain clear.

glass floors in lawnheated glass floor light in grass

A larger structural glass rooflight complete with low iron glass beams was used to provide natural light to a rear garden room. This space was created to allow another access point from the basement to the garden and can be used as a summer room. Solar control coatings were used on this glass roof to ensure the internal space didn’t suffer from overheating due to solar radiation.

This refurbishment was completed as a development project by an investor. Once completed the property was sold as a single private residence to a private client who has requested that no internal images of the living space be shown.

Hamilton terrace roof glazing