This wooden-clad extension benefitted from steel door systems, finished in a dark grey colour to compliment the materials used throughout the home and garden.

The slim framed steel systems allow a massive amount of natural light to penetrate the home, bouncing through the open plan kitchen and dining room inside to create bright, airy spaces.

Haarlem contemporary rear glazed extension with steel framed glass doorsrear extension with open steel framed glass doors

On one end of the extension is a double set of doors, situated next to a three-piece configuration made up of 2 fixed panes either side of another slim framed opening door.

The kitchen layout is such that the doors lead to different parts of the kitchen/dining area. With one side leading directly to the cooking area and the other part of the open-plan seating space.

The neutral colour palette works in contrast with the pale building exterior, creating a warm-toned outdoor space to match the wooden decking and industrial style garden furniture.

MHB SL30-ISO steel framed doors on modern extensionHaarlem Steel Framed Open Glass Doors

These steel systems are thermally broken to ensure the installation is highly insulated at all points, creating comfortable living temperatures all year round.

Steel systems are known for their sharp-edged profiles, demonstrating their adaptability through this bespoke configuration, the top of the range systems have been tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs.

Haarlem MHB steel framed glass doors