Grosvenor Crescent

Residential refurbishment in central London

IQ Glass worked alongside Granit Architects to realise this residential refurbishment to a Mews House in Knightsbridge, London. The rooftop extension was designed to increase the amount of living space to this tall narrow property, while also improving the amount of light funnelled down into the property. The project had a keen focus on sustainability and the architects had to liaise with the Grosvenor Estate to ensure that the building works were okay to be carried out.

The objective of this project was to refurbish and remodel the large four-bedroom family home within a six month build period. This build had a very short timescale as the family moving into the property were emigrating from Brazil. The refurbishment included the strip out and extensive structural works to open up the internal living spaces to create a modern, open-plan interior design.

To create a sustainable element to the design, the multi-storey property benefitted from a whole-house ventilation system with a heat recovery feature for sustainable insulation and underfloor heating.



Granit Architects


Central London

One of the main design features used within this architectural design was the 2/3 storey void which allows light to flood all the way down into the lower floor levels through a large frameless effect rooflight. Within this void, a non-walk on fire-rated glass division with a frameless effect perimeter support was installed. This glazing appeared to be a structural glass floor; however, it was installed to purely allow light to continue to flow from the roof glazing down into the lower floor living spaces while providing a protective fire-rated barrier.

To further enhance the travel of light throughout the interior design, frameless glass balustrades were installed to the wooden staircase which coursed from the top floor all the way down to the basement levels. These structural glass balustrades do not interrupt the flow of light throughout the building and neither do they interfere with the interior architectural design at eye level. For properties that struggle with a lack of natural light, these structural glass balustrades are ideal when it comes to improving light levels in the interior design.


To the rooftop of the Mews Home, a highly glazed extension was created to provide additional living space for the family. The rooftop extension was created along with a new rooftop terrace for a contemporary living space. The extension, designed by Granit Architects, featured various glazed systems including the Keller minimal windows sliding doors, rooflights and frameless structural glass walls. The extension had a truncated triangular design which saw the sliding doors manufactured bespoke to fit into the squared space on one side of the truncated design.

The rooftop glazing design also included a walk on floor light which was designed with a sandblasted glass effect. This walk on glass floor to the rooftop terrace provided a contemporary look to the terrace while providing that highly needed influx of natural light.



To the extension on the rooftop, the whole width of the new living space was provided with a stretch of frameless structural glazing which overlooked the outstanding views of the surrounding cityscape. The structural glass windows were supported with minimal steel sections to provide support to the sloping windows. To ensure they were in keeping with the whole design, the steel sections were costed in the same colour as the framing for the sliding doors and various glazing systems.

This whole refurb was completed to an exceptionally high standard and within the required time frame. All glazing works for this project were designed and manufactured bespoke to the project for a beautifully sophisticated design.

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