Glendale Mews

Rear extension with large sliding glass doors, glass box windows and strip rooflight transforms 1960's semi detached property in Kent

A 1960’s semi detached property felt dark and divided and did not conform with today’s standard of thermal insulation.

Architect, Type studio was commissioned to reconfigure the ground floor, effortlessly connecting the outside and interior of the home while preserving the utilitarian and modern spirit of the original construction.

A new design and layout with Large glass sliding doors, glass box window and strip rooflight replacing the poorly built previous extension would fulfil a key element of the brief; connection with the rear garden.


Photography: Lorenzo Zandri


Bromley, London

Large sliding glass doors were installed with slim sightlines of 21mm and flush thresholds to the outside garden blurring the boundaries of the indoors to the outdoors.

The open corner configuration of the structural glass extension to the rear of house further enhanced the sense of space gaining multiple aspects to the garden, often referred to as a ‘wrap-around effect’.


A large structural glass box window was added to the side of the extension, offering a serene seating area looking directly out onto the garden.

The addition of a large structural glass box window made for a perfect addition that both enables its occupants to enjoy the views, while increasing the value and flexibility of what would be a redundant living space.

The frameless large sliding glass doors offer year-round flexibility, opening out during the warmer seasons and maintaining a regulated temperature with maximum natural light entering during the colder darker months.

The large glass sliding doors and structural open corner configuration allows for an abundance of natural light and ventilation to cascade through this newly replaced extension.

The addition of the strip glass rooflight defines the threshold between the existing house and the new extension, introducing natural light reaching the centre of the original part of the house. This clever design element reduces the requirement for artificial lighting, reducing costs and unnecessary consumption of energy.

The large frameless picture window extended the usable space offering flexibility and a closer connection to nature with views overlooking the garden.

Elegant oak parquet flooring and timber roof beam features add warmth and flow, marrying all these glazing elements together.

IQ’s high-performance glass with low U values enables the occupants of this extended 1960’s home to enjoy the living spaces throughout the cold and warm seasons.

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