Gatsby House

Steel framed rear extension to Grade II listed home in Chelsea, London.

This listed building in the sought-after area of Chelsea underwent an extensive refurbishment which included the addition of a steel framed glass box extension on the rear elevation. We worked closely with architects Atelier West to achieve an art deco style extension, enhancing the existing design of the terraced home.  

The internal living spaces were redesigned to expand the useable space, increase the functionality and introduce tonnes of natural light throughout the day times. With dark accents of colour used throughout the home, it made sense to opt for more traditional glazing systems.  

Although steel glazing systems are often chosen for a more traditional approach, IQ Glass utilise modern advances in glazing technology to ensure steel-framed glazing benefits from modern performance values. The steel profiles were fully thermally broken, to eliminate the risk of heat loss through the glazing and ensure the highly glazed space remains a comfortable living temperature for year-round use.  


Atelier West 


Chelsea, London

The steel-framed extension features a slim framed steel casement door, granting access to the terraced garden area which is used as an alfresco dining space. The long, narrow design of the home means the glass box extension can be seen throughout the kitchen and living rooms, with free-flowing natural light creating light-filled spaces thanks to the slim design of the steel systems. As well as views and light, the sleek casement door provides additional ventilation when needed.  

To achieve an art deco style, glazing bars were specified within the fixed steel design. For a cohesive finish, the same glazing bar design was applied to the casement door as the surrounding fixed glazing. With only a subtle difference between the door and the fixed glass systems, the extension presents a uniform design.  

For the roof of the new extension, a frameless rooflight was chosen to allow the most natural light into the space as possible. To maintain the art deco style and match the rest of the glass box, steel beams were used in conjunction with the glass rooflight, which was split into 4 panes with structural silicone joins. The vertical steel beams conceal the silicone joins and preserve the charm of the traditional extension style, whilst allowing an abundance of light through into the internal space.  

The Listed building now benefits from increased floor space, as well as a direct link to the outdoor area. One of the many benefits of an extension of this style is the strong connection that has been forged with the outdoor environment, the homeowners can now enjoy views of their outdoor area from within the home.  

The street view remains undisturbed, whilst the rear facade design combines modern and traditional elements for a unique finish that retains the original charm of the terraced property.  

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