Garden Room House

Thin Framed Sliding Doors in a Contemporary Interior Courtyard in Richmond

IQ Glass UK provided their minimal windows sliding door system to this central courtyard.
The thin frame of the sliding doors allows the maximum light ingress through this small outdoor space. These sliding glass doors were configured to allow a variety of different opening positions.

The sliding doors slide away from each corner leaving an open corner section with no leftover supporting post but can also slide towards the corners on the longer side to allow central access from this walkway and seating area.


Featured In

BBC2 The 100k House: Tricks of the Trade - Series 2


Damon Ball West Waddy Architects  

fixed structural element of glass is used on the near side, shaped into the stepped roof shape whilst the sliding glass doors sliding in behind this fixed structural unit.


All glass in the sliding doors frames is IQ’s super-insulating glass, reducing the Uw value of the windows to an average of 1.0 W/m2K and reducing the g factor of the glass units to help reduce overheating from sun radiation.

This extension was designed by Paul McAneary Architects.