Fort Le Crocq

A contemporary new build with specialist glazing in Guernsey

This contemporary new build in Guernsey was inspired by a traditional fort, including canons in the forecourt of the entrance design. IQ Glass worked with the architects to provide a bespoke glazing package that included a number of bespoke glazing elements including curved structural glazing and oversized slim framed sliding doors.

The specialist glazing in Guernsey included sliding glass doors that make up entire walls of moving glass at multiple points on the property. Minimal glass to glass corner connections allowed indoor and outdoor environment to be completely merged when the weather permits, creating an indoor outdoor style of living.

The glass door systems stretched from floor to ceiling, creating an oversized glazing effect that modernises the architectural design and creates a contrast against the pale white exterior.

A bespoke glass link was also included in the specialist glazing in Guernsey, linking the main house to the garage and allowing the homeowners to travel between the two buildings in an environment that is thermally insulated, thanks to the thermally broken properties of the glazing systems.

Slim framed sliding glass doors create the walls of the glass link, complete with flush thresholds to allow seamless access between indoor and outdoor areas. The same floor finish was used within the glass link and outside for a continuous flow between the spaces that creates one large indoor-outdoor living space when the doors are slid open.

Structural glazing was used to create frameless picture windows in unique shapes, with rectangular shapes that feature curved arches at the top. These window shapes have been achieved using structural glass, again using the flexible nature of architectural glazing to implement the architects unique design.

The exterior design uses both curved and straight shapes and the it was important for the glazing systems to be flexible to accommodate this. For this reason, the Invisio structural glazing system was specified. Invisio is flexible by nature, allowing bespoke shapes and sizes to be achieved whilst maintaining an extremely minimal design. The specialist glazing in Guernsey included curved structural glass elements, including curved frameless glass balustrades on the upper floors.

Frameless glass balustrades follow the building shape exactly, with the transparent nature of frameless glass allowing the balustrades to act as a safety barrier and adhering to building regulations whilst maintaining the sleek and minimal architectural design. Using both curved and straight glass balustrades creates a unique exterior design, as well as allowing the homeowners to enjoy their terraced balcony areas and capitalize on the waterfront views.

The second floor of the home has been designed with a highly glazed theme, with the majority of the walls made of either fixed structural glazing or slim framed glazing systems.

A terrace wraps around the entire first floor, accessible via multiple sets of slim framed sliding doors which have been included in the specialist glazing in Guernsey to capitalize on the natural light and picturesque views. Slim framed aluminium systems were included in the glazing package to create additional ventilation around the home, in keeping with the other slim framed glazed elements.

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