IQ collaborated with Architects Spratley Studios to create this countryside new build home. The building was a replacement dwelling in Cookham and the architects used architectural glazing from IQ to great effect to take advantage of its surrounding views.

The architecturally designed house was in a sensitive green belt location. As such, all material specifications and finishes had to be taken into consideration and it was imperative for the home to suit the countryside setting.

Large glazing elevations and other strategic window placements were an important part of the home design in order to provide the building with long-ranging views and gave the master bedroom unimpeded views.

In keeping with the setting and aesthetic, the home was finished using materials such as zinc and pre-weathered burnt timber cladding which interfaced well with the architectural glazing provided by IQ. The combination of the external materials and minimally framed glazing ensured the home suited its site and context.

Modern new build with double storey glass gable end facadeModern new build with minimal structural windows

One of the main features of the architectural glazing package was the double-height gable end window to the open plan living area. IQ provided a bespoke solution for the architect on this elevation, integrating a minimal sliding door system with an intricate structural glazing solution.

A steel beam spanned the opening, supporting the head frame of the minimal sliding doors and the base fixing for the shaped structural glass window above. In order to create an all-glass elevation, we designed a bespoke detail to the structural glass unit above. The outer face of the double-glazed unit was elongated and sailed over the face of the steel with a specialist hidden fixing detail behind to structurally secure the glass to the steel.

The result is a seamless spandrel panel over the steel beam, creating a full all-glass elevation.

Above, the shaped structural glass window was split into two uneven sized panes. More structural glazing was used to create a small glass to glass corner by the minimal windows. This corner detail was very tricky, including lots of cuts and angles forming together beneath the shaped gable roof.

Double height structural glass gable end windowModern living space with minimal sliding doors and gable end window

The glazing package was completed with the use of Sieger aluminium casement windows to smaller openings and various installations of structural glazing, making the most of the expansive views.

In the secluded snag living room, minimal sliding doors were also used to create a light well. This box of glass brings in light from above without taking away from the cosy enclosed atmosphere of this room.

Internal glass courtyard