East Finchley - Modern Extension

Oversized Slim Framed Sliding Doors to Modern Extension

A substantial rear extension was added to this family home in East Finchley, using large, oversized slim framed sliding doors to bring light and space to the open plan living areas.

The new extension ran the full width of the detached house with the slim framed sliding glass doors almost filling the entire rear elevation. The designers and homeowners were very keen to have a three-panel sliding glass door configuration and therefore IQ Glass created our minimal windows sliding glass doors in oversized panels.



2PM Architects



A glass unit is classed as ‘Oversized’ if it exceeds 2.4m in both of its dimensions. The rear elevation to be filled by our slim framed sliding glass doors was 8365mm wide by 2648mm wide, with each sliding glass panel oversized at 2788mm wide x 2648mm high each.

Due to the excellent ingrained engineering within the minimal windows profiles, these oversized glass doors still maintained the 21mm vertical framing and the flush threshold of the minimal windows system, even at this large size.


This large, rear elevation of glazing enables the internal living spaces to merge effectively with the patio and garden, with minimal framing dividing the two spaces.

A small frameless glass return and a side aluminium casement door brought in light from the side elevation with a frameless rooflight within the flat roof to bring natural light deep into the open plan living spaces.

The sliding glass doors were the focal point of the new extension with the architects, 2PM, commenting that “The most striking features of the space are the bespoke kitchen design, the super wide minimal frame glazing and the frameless roof lights giving a feeling of light and air in the room”.