Frameless glass connects to the surrounding Cornish coast

This stunning Cornish new build home took advantage of multiple frameless glass solutions to connect the homeowners with its beautiful coastal surroundings. 

Several sliding glass door units were installed to create a frameless glazed façade to the rear elevation of the home, while frameless structural glass windows were integrated throughout the property. Together with a neutral, bright interior aesthetic, the resulting home boasts a broken plan series of contemporary, brightly lit internal living spaces.



Watershedd & Evie Johnstone



The new-build home spans three floors and was designed using strikingly contrasting materials. The top and ground floors are clad in dark timber panels, while sandwiched between them stands a beautiful layer of warm, Cornish brickwork. 

As the property’s rear backs onto a large beach, it was vital to create a seamless and easy transition between each of the main internal spaces with the cliff path outside. To this end, sliding glass doors connect each of the first-floor living rooms with a large stairway cut into the side of the hill, leading down to the beach, while the ground floor uses a concealed casement door to access the wet rooms and storage spaces for surfboards and swimming gear.

The sliding glass doors have a completely flush threshold, allowing for step-free access to the timber decking beyond, and boast an almost completely frameless effect by concealing the outer frames within the walls. The resulting glass façade allows the homeowners to enjoy uninterrupted views of the dramatic coastline that frames the beach outside.

To the top floor, three large structural glass windows were installed to each of the bedrooms, while concealed casement doors clad in dark timber allow easy access to a small terrace running the length of the home. At almost 2m in height, these frameless windows allow ample natural light to flood the bedrooms, while again allowing the homeowners to enjoy stunning panoramic views looking out across the beach.

To the rear of the bedrooms, a contemporary wet room benefits from a frameless structural glass shower screen, whilst a large frameless glass rooflight bathes the space in natural light.