This Grade II Listed home in Oakham expanded the living space with the addition of a contemporary rear extension, joined to the main house with a structural glass link. The fully glazed link was designed with minimal disruption in mind, utilising glass due to its subtle and transparent nature.

Minimally framed glazing is a popular choice for listed building projects to make a clear distinction between new and old elements, as well as maintaining the buildings original design. This Listed Building had so much character, it was important to ensure the new extension did not detract from the historical architecture. 

The slim framed sliding glass doors from the Sieger range were specified in multiple configurations throughout the ground floor, including a three-pane door with all three moving panes for enhanced flexibility. Two pane configurations also featured all sliding panes, allowing the homeowners to conveniently choose which way to travel between indoor and outdoor environments.

extension building with sliding doors leading to swimming pool area
slim framed sliding doors and frameless rooflight in a listed building refurbishmentframeless structural glass link connecting pool house to main building

In the new part of the building, slim framed aluminium casement windows have been used to create a coherent finish alongside the sliding doors. The slim framed windows ensure that every corner of the space is flooded with natural light throughout the day, creating a contrast against the pale building exterior.  

The panes of glass for the structural glass link were cut to shape prior to installation, ensuring the heritage-style listed building finishes were taken into consideration and sympathetically designed around. This included a number of bespoke shaped panes, curving around the building's external finishes to maintain its historic charm.  

Steel supports were used within the structural glass roof, offering support to ensure the supporting structure does not affect the integrity of the listed building.

When working on listed buildings or projects of this nature, IQ can engineer structural solutions to leave the original architecture virtually undisturbed.

bespoke shaped glass used on exterior finishes of structural glass linkframeless glass link with structural glass roof and steel supports

Some of the items were specified with solar control coatings, where the glazing was south facing and to eliminate the risk of overheated spaces.  

The modern glazing systems have allowed the homeowners to expand their useable space and create large indoor-outdoor living areas when the weather permits, all whilst maintaining the original character of the Grade II Listed building.

With all the glazing being fully thermally broken, the thermally insulated spaces do not compromise on modern performance values. Speak to a member of the technical team today to find out more about our experinece working on Listed Buildings. 

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slim framed sliding doors, slim aluminium casement windows and a rooflight in a grade 2 listed home refurbishment