Drax Avenue

Frameless Glass Box Extension

The home owners of this elegant detached property wanted to extend their home further into their outdoor living space by installing a modern conservatory design. The glass box extension was designed with minimal framing to enhance the connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

To one side of the extension, a minimal windows® sliding doors system was installed with one fixed pane and one sliding pane to provide access into the garden and ventilation into the glass extension and the existing property. The exceptionally slim sightlines of this sliding door system helped to accentuate the frameless design on the glass box.

To support the sliding doors, a steel support was installed surrounding the doors. These steel supports were expertly hidden within the design to maintain the sophisticated and minimalistic finish. Both the structural glass beams and the sliding doors were supported by a steel frame which was hidden with back painted glass to continue to elegant finish.

Glass beams were used within this design to further enhance the frameless aesthetic created by the structural glass roof and walls. These beams were made from Low Iron glass to create a beautifully clear finish by reducing the green tinge often seen within glass. IQ installed strip LED lights into the glass beams to create a modern method of lighting.


Glass Box Extensions are an excellent method of increasing the amount of living space while bridging the divide between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. By utilising frameless glass and slim framed door systems the homeowners can enjoy their outdoor space while being in the comfort of a sheltered space. They can simply slide open the minimal windows sliding doors and step into their garden.